BCAAs explained - Should you supplement with BCAAs? | An Evidence Based Review

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BCAAs explained -Should you supplement with BCAAs? | An Evidence Based Review

What are bcaas? BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. What the hell are amino acids you may be asking? They are simply the building blocks of protein. In this video I hope to answer the question Should I take bcaas?

It can be confusing when deciding which supplement I should take or not. Further, if you decide on a supplement, is it actually helpful or is it just bs. It can be quite confusing because one person may say its great and another may so it is not. While theory is great, data is better. Therefore, I am going to provide an evidence based review about bcaa benefits, and answer the question: do bcaas work?

They definitely do and will help improve you workout, increase gains and your fitness levels. But lets say I have convinced you to take a bcaa supplement, which bcaa is the best. In this video I recommend what I have found to be the best bcaa supplement. So sit back and enjoy this evidence based review of bcaas and make sure to get some bcaas right now!

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