Building Body [POWER] for Martial Artists - GM Jim Brassard

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Attention: Health & Fitness Fanatics
Increase your POWER & STRENGTH, Reduce Training Session Times, Burn Calories & Learn The Secret of an American Superhero's Strength
...and how you can do this ALL without Long Hours of Lifting Weights or Long-Distance Running!!

Body Power will teach you some Strength Secrets of strongmen such as Joe Bonomo, Siegmund Breitbart, Bruce Lee and many others of the past. They all knew what sports scientist from other countries such as Bulgaria and Russia through many tests found that it is....

ONLY through moving your body thru space during exercise that MAXIMUM RESULT can be achieved!!!

This is largely do to the fact that it is the type of training that releases the most fitness related hormones thus leading to faster and greater results, "more bang for your buck" you might say.
When this information was implemented into their training, these countries began trouncing the world!!! Even the small country of Bulgaria became a force to recon with.
If you're a Martial Artist of any kind, this manual is a must for your library. Most of these drills are meant for combative athletes and will make your ability's sore!!!

Let's take a look at just a few of the lessons you will learn in Building Body Power.....

Centuries Old Secret - How You can Rub your Belly Away with nothing more than the palms of your hands - just 2 effortless minutes a day and the correct procedure.

The Vibro-Hindu Pushup - learning this will intensify this exercise as well as build strength twice as fast.

Better Vision Exercise - That's right!!! A long lost drill to improve your vision with just 5 minutes a day. If done correctly the results are instant.

Shower Time - What to do in the shower that will increase your energy levels and slim you down within a few days. NO.....Guys it's not that!!!

Tibetan Spinning - An ancient exercise that skyrockets your weight loss efforts. Will make you look younger on a cellular level, energizes the body and is used by the monks to help increase life span.
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