Burn 500 Calories FAST! Jump Rope & Bodyweight Workout

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Get ready to sweat and burn hundreds of calories with the Jump Rope Bodyweight Workout.

Get the complete Jump Rope SHRED program at www.jumpropefit.com

JRF SHRED is a total body fitness and conditioning program that uses the High Intensity Jump Rope Training (HI-JRT) method of fitness to burn more fat and get you shredded faster than other training programs.
The secret behind JRF Shred is it’s 5 segments of focused fitness; Power, Agility, Core, Build, and Burn. In less than 25 minutes a day, JRF Shred will chisel and define every muscle to build the ultimate athletic physique.

JRF SHRED includes lifetime access to daily HD quality follow along workout videos, downloadable training guides, workout schedules, progress trackers, and my How to Jump Rope Training Course.
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