How Many Calories are in BCAAs? More Than You'd Think! (Kalman / ISSN)

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Dr. Doug Kalman of The ISSN comes onto PricePlow to resolve the debate once and for all: How many calories are in your BCAA Supplement?!

Turns out it's more than you'd think! 100g of material yielded 535 calories in a bomb calorimeter, meaning 1g was 5.35 Calories... or that 5g serving has 26.8 calories!!

In this video, Mike and Doug discuss Doug's epic background (true renaissance man here, folks!), then we get to learn how a bomb calorimeter works, and finally, we get to the results. Knowing what we know now, we quickly discuss the FDA's laws, but Dr. Kalman wisely takes a consumer-friendly yet non-governmental position.

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The infamous Twitter thread with Alan Aragon:

The study Aragon was citing:

Thanks to NUTRABIO for providing a third-party tested tub. They sent a tub of their Natural BCAA -- -- which Dr. Kalman had tested.

But even more so, thanks to Dr. Kalman who spent out of his own pocket for this!! We'd love to see someone fund research for each individual BCAA too - leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Who's in?!

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