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Complete range of combat sports punch bags by RDX Sports. High Quality punch bags that stand the test of time. Made with top quality Maya Hyde leather that can withstand the heaviest of blows. Best suited for Boxing, MMA and all forms of fitness and combat sports training. Switch over to an active lifestyle, bring home your punch bag. Tailored to your every need, choose from a wide variety, ranging from training punch bags, specialized punch bags, standing punch bags, heavy punch bags and kids punch bags. Available in different designs and colors to match your style. Industrial grade stitching enables you to get into the fighter’s mindset and unleash the raw power hidden within. Workout with a range of punch bags that hit back. Master speed combos and execute drills with meticulous precision. RDX punch bags, your complete training partners.
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Do you know what it take to be the last man standing?
I’ve faced legends-
Taken punishment-
And tasted blood more than once-
A Calm Exterior-
Nerves of Steel-
Resilience to face
“Come what may”
And my absolute resolve has out lived the fury of many-
Yesterday. Today. Always.

VO by Eli Harris
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