Let's Try Again... || How to Beast "TRT Response" || Sorry (Not Sorry)

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I don’t care how “honest” people are with their drug use or “doctor prescribed” TRT or whatever the next “shortcut” is. I’m going to fight as hard as I can to take the glory away from replacing hard work with gear at such a YOUNG AGE.

Guys, PEDs are a part of the fitness industry. There is no question and I am not hating on that. I grew up idolizing Arnold just like you and the steroids never made me think he didn’t put the work in. In fact, Arnold probably trained harder than any other bodybuilder in the industry. But this generation is so desensitized to the dangers and long term effects of PEDs and HRT that they really don’t pay attention to the risks anymore.

They don’t care.

Listen, before you even THINK about PEDs you better max out your natural potential and learn what it means to put the work in first. Now with that statement I’m not giving the green light to go on PEDs or HRT. Staying natural is what I preach and always will. I am just saying this generation is more interested in LIKES on instagram than their own long term health.

Even David claims people should not jump on TRT unless they absolutely need it. But then he goes on to say that he started TRT so he could get bigger to:
1. Attract more viewers
2. Gain more “legitimacy” in the fitness community

Is this issue sinking in yet???

Really bro? You think you need to shut down your bodies natural production at 29 YEARS OLD just to gain more views on Youtube and Instagram???

Also, since when do you need to jump on HRT or PEDs to “gain more legitimacy” in the fitness world? I would think EDUCATING yourself would gain more legitimacy than increasing your biceps size.

Things are getting way out of control and I will take ALL THE BACKLASH with open arms if it means I can convince even one of you to STAY NATURAL!

Time to stop being polite, and start getting REAL.

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