Nutra Edge BCAA Capsules

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DOUBLE STRENGTH - NutraEdge designed our BCAA Capsules to give you an adequate and effective dosage of BCAA’s. Each serving contains 1100mg L-Leucine, 500mg L-Isoleucine, and 500mg L-Valine, nearly double when stacking up against most competitors
INCREASE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS - When you exercise, your body burns through amino acids leading to muscle breakdown. BCAA’s can significantly slow down muscle breakdown and prevent catabolism
ENHANCE MUSCLE RECOVERY TIME - BCAA’s help to repair damaged muscles, decrease muscle soreness, and increase overall muscle function, leading to quicker and better recovery.
GMP CERTIFIED - Produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility, NutraEdge guarantees the highest quality ingredients. As well, our product is made in the USA and FDA approved.

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