PKA 512 - 2020 Season Finale, Pixar Mom Dump Truck Butts, NBA Finals

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Timeline by LegitRage
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0:00:00 - Woody introduces the show & Taylor introduces the sponsors
0:00:20 - The risks of camping alone in a forest & why it’s scarier than you’d think
0:06:50 - PKAs failed fitness test of November 2018 & the JRE Sober October
0:09:15 - Zombies in 2021, 12-in-1 shower gel & Woody’s upcoming trip to Columbia
0:17:38 - The dangers of crab fishing & the funniest moments of The Biggest Loser
0:21:06 - PKA reacts to 6 men being arrested for conspiring to kidnap Michigan’s Governor
0:30:35 - Ex-basketball Marv Albert’s nail-biting affair with a 42 year old
0:34:38 - MorePlateMoreDates’ warped idea of fitness & Chris Cuomo’s fake weight drama
0:43:16 - Why PKA played Dead by Daylight and REALLY disliked it
0:50:43 - Gaming talk: Vermintide, Shadow of Mordor, Assassin’s Creed & more
0:55:20 - Woody reviews HBO’s new show “Raised by wolves” (Mild spoilers)
0:58:39 - Politics talk: VP debates, Trump vs Biden and the problems with federalism
1:05:38 - Cadbury creme eggs, Reeses pieces & Halloween plans
1:10:55 - Why metal lathes are scary machines & Elastagirl’s “dumpster truck” bottom
1:15:33 - Joe Rogan vs Spotify staffers & what if Woody became the Sheriff of his area?
1:18:40 - The embarrassing arrest of a Ria Arriba Sheriff & why being a cop sucks right now
1:23:02 - Would the guys rather be a Cop or crime scene clean up guy?
1:29:04 - The pleasant smells of gasoline, PVC glue and caulk (plus some brief DIY talk)
1:32:55 - Ad reads: The National Highway Train Safety Administration & Squarespace
1:36:30 - More gaming talk: Vermintide, Dead by Daylight & Among Us
1:45:33 - The madness of 2020; Minneapolis marches, Tiger King, Trump hospitalised & more
1:50:02 - Basketball talk: Is LeBron James the GOAT? And decreased viewership
1:54:44 - Kyle’s Atlanta Falcons’ fall from grace & why Kyle strongly dislikes Tim Tebow
2:04:29 - Overly religious folk & doing a live PKA from Taylor’s Grandma’s house
2:07:04 - Why it’s incredibly awkward for the hosts to explain what PKA is to “normal” people
2:09:38 - PKA’s incredibly sketchy new pediatric business model (YouTube won’t like this)
2:13:49 - Trump’s hilarious Twitter dialect & Anthony Weiner’s weiner scandal
2:20:14 - Anthony Weiner’s incredibly odd new sustainable countertop business
2:24:29 - Ad read: Bluechew
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2:28:27 - Train derailments, Japanese supertrains & being a white guy in Asia
2:31:28 - Video: Pretty blonde girl goes to India, local men do the opposite of social distancing
2:33:42 - PKA’s incredibly diverse group of Patrons & the hilariousness of Indian Facebook
2:38:02 - Kyle and Woody talk Star Trek’s many series and its best/worst episodes
2:44:29 - A security flaw in this adult toy left some men at risk of being locked in a crotch cage
2:53:42 - Video: Man uses a SHARK as a bong to get high - Is it cruel or funny?
2:59:07 - PKA goes carnivore diet as the guys talk eating cows, chicken, whale and dolphin
3:04:25 - Taylor and Kyle react to new information about Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series
3:11:14 - The Avengers’ lame “girl power” scenes and the dumbest aspects of the MCU
3:20:55 - The guys debate what lore they do/don’t want featured in Amazon’s LoTR series
3:31:22 - Movie talk: Sin City & 300’s terrible sequels & why Black Hawk Down sucks
3:35:42 - Is Trump to blame for 2020 sucking and lockdowns being as terrible as it's been?
3:47:50 - Politics talk: Polls, the cult of Trump, spoiling your vote in style & 3rd Party candidates
3:57:24 - PKA predicts the 2020 season finale and how the US election could get even wilder
4:01:09 - The hilarious reactions of the left in 2016 when they realised Hillary lost the election
4:04:31 - Should ex-PKA guest and controversial figure Milo make a return as a comedian?
4:09:44 - Ad read: The National Highway Train Safety Administration
4:10:30 - Woody calls it a show
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