Power of Focus. अपनी एकाग्रता कैसे बनाए रखें? By Dr. Yogita Hooda

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इस वीडियो में डॉ. योगिता बता रही हैं कि आप किन तरीकों से अपनी एकाग्रता बनाए रख सकते हैं जिससे आपको चीज़ें याद रखने में आसानी होगी साथ ही आप स्वयं की दक्षता को और बढ़ा सकेंगे।
Focus: the #1 super study skill
Power of focus: internet and Smartphones have addictive qualities and accelerates the deterioration of concentration and capacity for sophisticated, deep thinking.
We can get neuroplasticity working in our favour by training the brain to do things that help with academic achievement.
Can have the benefit of internet, smartphone and tablets my learning how to keep a proper balance between the vastly different things for which you use your brain.
# what interferes with concentration/ concentration robbers:
1. External distractions
2. Internal distractions
• Lack of sleep
• Poor diet
• Lack of exercise
• Illness
• Physical injury
• Stress or emotional issues like:
• Relationships
• Friction with family or friends
• Worry about money
• Anxiety about other courses and work needed for them
3. Lack of goals
# how to improve your concentration:
Many factors/ concentration killers can be controlled but not all.
1. Get rid of your electronics Time-Thieves during study hours. Turning off your phone, computer and all music is not optional- it is essential.
2. Prepare your study environment
3. Take a good care of yourself:
• Plenty of sleep
• Avoid excess of fat and sugar, especially just before study
• Develop regular exercise routine

Research: you learn 20% faster after exercise. The cognitive benefits disappear if you stop exercising. Lead a balance life.
“ all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

4. Make concrete goals
5. Make lists
# concentration fitness plan for studying:
• Gradually increasing the amount of time you work at your studies with good concentration is called compound effect.
• You can triple, even quadruple, your concentration and variance in just weeks.
• Have at least two preferably three tasks prepared in advance.
• Begin to study as usual
• Stop trying to study, the moment you realise your mind is wandering.
• Distraction in your reminder list
• Move on to another task but before you do one more small , easy item of work from current Task. Example read one more page, do one more exercise of maths.
• Close books of task 1 even if you seem to get back with the flow of first study task
• Repeat still all the task of the day are finished.
# learnings:
1. It is easy to refocused yourself
2. End your session with that subject on a positive note
3. A series of” just one more” study items also begin to accumulate
# what to do if nothing is working:
• Except that today is an off day
• Use something else from your Toolbox that you will still make your study time productive
• Practice with you flash cards
• Preview your test book chapters instead of study reading
• Review lecture notes
• Draw a new Mind Map
• Make new flash cards
• Take a break, relax and try again in a few minutes.

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