The Strongest Little Girl In 2020...

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10 Strongest Little Girls in 2020

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10 Strongest Little Girls in 2020
While most girls their age are playing with dolls, or hanging out in malls with their friends, these 10 girls right here have a different passion; lifting weights and working day in and day out to become stronger and faster. Today, we’ll take a look at 10 of the strongest girls in the world. These girls right here can lift a normal man effortlessly, and can beat you in an arm-wrestling contest without breaking a sweat!
10. Mayrana Naumova
Starting our list is Mayrana Naumova. She once held the title of the strongest female teenager in the world. Now 21 years of age, she is a global ambassador and considered one of the strongest women in the world; especially in the bench press. When she was just 12 years old, Maryana could bench over 154 pounds, nearly one and a half times her body weight.
According to Mayrana, she fell in love with weightlifting because of her idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Apart from having a strict schedule dedicated to her weight-lifting program, Maryana also loves touring different countries to empower women interested in the field of weightlifting.
And with a massive online following, the word is truly impressed with Maryana’s weightlifting capabilities and gifts!
9. Naomi Kutin

In a sport mostly dominated by men, Naomi Kutin has made a name for herself as a prodigy in weightlifting, This teenage girl from Fair Lawn, New Jersey is as famous as she is strong, working hard to become one of the most recognizable names in women’s weightlifting competitions.
Indeed, Naomi inherited more than her father’s genes, as she also inherited the passion of weightlifting from her dad who was once a famous weightlifter. Interestingly, he never once pushed the sport to her. In fact, in her earlier years, Naomi preferred karate, before she approached her father to learn the art of lifting. That's when the meteoric rise to stardom began. At the tender age of 9, Naomi, who weighed a paltry 88-pounds at the time, began squatting 215 pounds; shattering the women’s world record which was previously held by a 44-year-old German woman.
At 16 years old, Kutin who at the time was 132 pounds, could lift three times her own body weight. She could deadlift 365 pounds and squat 325 pounds. In an interview with a local tabloid in her area, Naomi revealed that one of her regular routines before lifting include listening to a heavy dose of metal music, and then performing a series of grunts that psyche up the otherwise silent and reserved teenager.
Because of her dedication to weightlifting, she has been nicknamed as supergirl by her peers and has accumulated quite the social media presence online.
She even appeared on a PBS documentary, which highlighted the uniqueness of her situation being that she is an Orthodox lifter. Because of the strict guidelines that accompany her faith, Kutin is prohibited from weightlifting or undertaking any competition on Saturday.; so most competitions and tours usually allow her to postpone the event until Sunday; the day when most men are usually slated to compete.
8. Jessica Best

She is part of the strongest family in America, and most likely the world; she is Jessica Best, and together with her brother Dylan, make up the strongest kids in America. Their parents were natural bodybuilders who fell in love while training, and they passed on their affinity for weightlifting to their children.
The family lives in Las Vegas, and they train Jessic and Dylan up to 240 hours a week. Jessica, who is a 46-pound five-year-old girl can deadlift over 100 pounds. To keep the family strong and growing healthy every day, the Bests make their kids consume a ton of calories every day; which mind you they do with utmost ease!
Jessica consumes more than twice the amount of recommended calories for her age group. In fact, the Best family consumes about 120 eggs per week. And despite a lot of backlash claiming how heavy weightlifting is detrimental to a child’s body, Nick Best, their father, has claimed that none of their children has ever complained about feeling sore. If anything, they love what they are doing!
7. Julia Vins

While she might currently be 21 years old, Julia Vins first shot to fame when she was a teenager. She was popularly known around the weightlifting circuit as Muscle Barbie mainly due to her doll-like face that was accompanied by a body boasting huge and impressive muscles.
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