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Branch chain amino acids(BCAA) is one of the most popular supplements in the market. They are also popular by the name aminos. They promise a world of benefits ranging from increased protein synthesis on one side of the spectrum to decrease in the recovery time at the other end. Do BCAA supplements actually deliver what they promise? Let us find out the things you must know before investing in BCAA supplements.
Leucine, isoleucine and valine make up the BCAAs. Let us know about them.
1.) Leucine - This helps by promoting protein synthesis in the muscle. This can help by building more lean muscle mass over time. Recommended dosage is 3000 mg to 5000mg. Taking Leucine with low protein meals can be a good idea.

2.) Isoleucine- This amino acid really helps in the glucose uptake into the muscle tissue. It is better than leucine in this regard. However leucine is superior in terms of muscle synthesis to isoleucine.

3.) Valine- It has not been studied a lot in isolation. So supplementing alone with valine is not a great idea.

BCAA gets directly dissolved in the bloodstream. In any strenuous activity our body uses around 40 percent fuel in the form of bcaa. If the diet doesn't provide for it they will be taken from the muscle tissues which will result in a catabolic state for the body. If your diet is sufficiently rich in protein supplementing with BCAA is not a very good idea.
Rich sources of bcaa include chicken,egg,milk, beans, lentils,soyabean etc.
However if you are training in a fasted state supplementing with bcaa is very good idea. This can help in preserving lean muscle mass.

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