Ya Wahabu ( Allah name )10 Bar Parhny ky Heran Kun Fowaid | Ya Wahabu Ka 10 Bar Wird or Zikar Karna

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Hi Friends!! I’m here with this new video of Ya Wahabu ( Allah name ) Rozana 10 Bar Parhny ky Heran Kun Fowaid | Ya Wahabu Ka 10 Bar Wird or Zikar Karna

Assalam o Alaikum Brothers and Sisters , Here is a summary of this video.
This video contains Ya Wahabo in the name of Allah. it means. The Giving Majesty of Allah - The Bestove: The meaning of Ya Wahhab is to give without any return.This is a very powerful wazifa of Allah name Ya Wahabu. If you have any problem or wqish or hajjat which you want to fulfill in 7 days. You can do this wazifa Ya Wahabu. Many people did this amal for their problems and problems are solved within days.
And its other great benefit is that Ya Wahabu is for rizq and is very beneficial to increase the wealth. for this pirpose after offering the ning prayer, offer 2 nawaifl for the sake of Allah and then in the position of sajidah, recite Ya Wahhab 11 time then pray what you want this 1 year.
Today's video will explain the virtue of reading this name and some of its events that will refresh your faith. This video is very informative with the aim of creating awareness among the people.

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